Definitions of Green-Reading Terms

  • Break is the amount a putt moves from right to left, or left to right.
  • The Grain refers to the way a grass grows in a particular direction.
  • Gravity will beat grain in influencing the roll of the ball, but it’s helpful to keep in mind both.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Consider reading the green as you walk up to it from the fairway.
  • Consider the time of day while putting. In the morning, with dew spread across the greens, the ball will roll slower. As the day warms up and greens dry, the ball will begin to move faster.
  • The quicker the ball is rolling, the less it will break. In other words, more speed = less break.
  • The ball should always be in a rush to get in the hole.
  • If you miss the ball, it should land 15 inches beyond the hole.
  • The ball will start losing speed as it gets closer to the hole, then “look for” the True Down Slope Direction. This is the direction it would roll due to the angle and gravity.
  • Allow for more break downhill, as gravity will act upon the ball sooner.
  • Uphill putts are easier since they have less break due to the momentum of the strike required to hit the ball up the hill.